Monday, July 19, 2010


I just realized that I'm busier than I have time for. The events that are coming in the next month and a half are INSANE!..first I just got back from a somewhat relaxing 4 day stay in Huntington Beach...getting out of Vegas was the nice part. Next, on Wednesday I leave for a 5 day stay in Ely with my parents where I will be dropping Rowdy off for 10 days to spend with his grandparents, but before we leave Ely my little baby girl will be 6 months old!!!! not cool, Then we come home and I have to go to school for 5 days that he is gone and then...HE TURNS 3!!! This is not a fun moment for me...not at all!!! After this we have a 3rd birthday party, followed by Cole's birthday and birthday party and then PRESCHOOL, lastly, I start NURSING school. Is it December 15 yet? I need it to come ASAP!

Another exciting moment is:

I HAVE LOST 11.4 POUNDS IN THE LAST 12 DAYS!!! WOOOHOOO. Thanks to the WW system, I am on the track to losing my goal weight and being skinny like my high school days! Thank goodness! I have all of the point values on my phone and my WW dairy that keeps track and tells me when I can eat more points and how many I have left for the day. It really is amazing how much food I was eating when I wasnt even hungry. I now eat at least 1/2 of what I was eating...its insane, but exciting to be on the healthy path. Thanks Phoot! :)

sooo Ill be writing again and posting pictures of Rowdys birthday and I hope to be seeing some of you there that read this...


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I do realize it has been a LONG time since my last post, but it is safe to say that it has taken me that long to get used to two children, realize I'm fat and need to stop eating, and playing both mommy and daddy is KILLING ME!

but, here I am blogging away and going to stick with it.

Update on my chitin's:

Rowdy- IS ALMOST 3!!!! Please just slit my wrists now, this is way hard to process. The kid is brilliant and prospering daily with knowledge. He is even teaching me. He starts preschool, with about 3 of his other friends, at the end of August and it is just going to break my heart to leave him with someone other than me, my mother, and my few trusted friends. As my friend Chelsea calls it, I'm going to need a Mental Health Day! Other than that, He is still about 31 lbs and 34 in. Short and Skinny. He has had a pretty good adjustment to his sister, we only have the occasional once every two weeks jealous battle which only lasts an hour or so and then he moves on to the next interesting thing.
Some of his favorite toys right now are, Hot Wheels (I love this cause they are only 1.00), Toy Story Toys; especially Woody, and playing outside with his outdoor toys.
He is STILL ADDICTED to milk, which I don't find bad at all cause he is building strong bones and he is really starting to come into his own with food...He hates PIZZA which I know is weird but hey is knows what he wants and he don't take anything else for an answer. He is his own individual and I hate every minute of it.

Also I just want to add, he is not allowed to date until he is 25, no girls are to even look in his directions or I will throw daggers at their faces :)

Emery- well well well. This girl has HIGH MAINTENANCE and she knows it, I know it, and everyone around her is bound to know it someday! Her and I struggled back and forth for about 2 1/2 months on her being colicy until we had a routine down pat. She struggles to put weight on and is probably as advanced as a 4 month old vs her now being almost 6 months but...we are making progress! She is in 3 months clothes and a size 2 diaper (this just happened today) and about 13 lbs 10oz and 24 in long. Another Short and Skinny kid. She eats about 6 first food containers of baby food a DAY and has a rice cereal bottle at bed time every night. She finally started to sleep flat in a bed (with no blankets MOM) and as far as her PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale) which is just a fancy term for a hole in her heart, I am sad to report it is still there. She goes back to the Cardiologist's office down at the Children's Heart Center at the end of this month to check on the progress and if the hole is still there then we will have to probably open her up and fix her...which sucks seeing your 6month having heart surgery but if it heals her, its worth it. She really suffers no problems from it, only recently has her chest started to cave when she crys excessively but other than that she seems great. The hole is not HEREDITARY, I want to make the very has nothing to do with my family history or even lack there of i should say, the hold evolved only because she was 4 weeks early, just like how she has a deviated septum, due to being early too. Which just causes her to have a stuffy nose in one nostril all the time.

So as far as I go. Im fat and happy. Its just that simple. lol :)

As of tomorrow I start Weight Watchers point counting and I went to Sam's Club and Smith's today and spent about 210.00 on food that will help me accomplish my goals. I have to be strict and buckle down and just do it, there is no other way. I fully intend to be as healthy as possible going into nursing school, which by the way starts in 7 weeks 6 days

So that is how much of a life I have left...wish me luck talk to you soon


Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blogging into the New Year...


I figured what better way to bring in the New Year than to sit and right about the last month of the old year..lovely huh?

Since my last blog things have been well..rougher.

Sun (12/27) I started to experience some SERIOUS back pain which I attributed to just being either a pinched nerve or the 33 week curse (which is when everything starts to hurt) so I put it aside and did not think anything of it..until 24 hours later....

Mon (12/28) around 2:50pm the pain started to switch from back pain to HOLY CRAP this pain is getting irritating and why is my stomach contracting kind of pain. I immediately took my Procardia which usually stops the contractions within 20 minutes...well an hour later they were 13 mins apart and not stopping so I hauled my butt over to Centennial Hills and had 2 Trubutelin (sp?) shots both of which did not work, and another 2 procardia pills, and an ultrasound to check on her to make sure she was not in distress.

6 hours later.....

I was released to go BED REST. ugh. I also have to be on Procardia 4 times a day to keep the contractions stopped.

It is now Dec 31, 2009 at 11:30 pm and I am just getting out of bed for the first time to the computer. Teh headaches from the medicine are AWFUL and are not going away..I also have horrible muscle tremors that haunt me in my sleep...well Im not sleeping so haunt my conscious! :)

The good thing is that I got to see my lil girl who come to find out has a HUGE head (like her brother) and weighs 4lbs 6 oz. The specialist that my doctor sent in to see me at Centennial predicted that after 3 weeks when I come off my medicine it is very likely I will have a lil girl...which is 4 weeks early but the chances of her going home with me at 36 weeks is much more probable than 33 I will suffer through the New Year and weeks to come to make sure she is as healthy as possible.....

ontop of all of this..I still have heartburn that RADIATES my kneecaps.

On a happier note, Christmas was AMAZING! Rowdy was the most fun he has ever been and throughly enjoys every present he got this year. He LOVES LOVES LOVES his bike and has finally mastered the skill of riding it...some days.

Brian got a netbook computer, so when he goes out of town he can skype with us and still keep in contact visually instead of just over the phone..

I got a WONDERFUL necklace that I just ADORE!!! It is an old style key that has three hearts on the handle (one for Brian, Rowdy, and Emery) and its just covered in honey did good this year....

so until next year! :)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the joy of life.

So these last few days I have been struggling again with my pregnancy..keeping food/water down and not constantly looking at the inside of a toilet all day. I keep telling myself only 7 more weeks...7 weeks and how I wish it could all be over with right now but then I hear and find these stories on the internet that make me want to hold on to Emery just a little longer so she can cook as long as possible.

My first story I came across was this amazing young woman who gave birth to twin girls at 27 weeks both weighing about a pound. is her website and I encourage everyone to read and follow her blog...its an amazing yet sad story but her strength alone in the blog is SUPER encouraging and I will follow until I know both of these beautiful bundles of joy are home.

My next story is the Duggar family who also delivered early, only at 25 weeks to a little girl. I look at my desk as I write this blog and know that this baby was only the size of the ruler sitting in front of me, if not smaller and just as skinny. I pray that medical technology has advanced so much that we know can care for these babies to where they will not only survive but make full recoveries. Yes, medical problems may arise from being born so soon but those problems are not a problem with just the sight of your child being alive.

These stories just make me 50 times more grateful that my beautiful son is healthy and smart and thriving at life and my daughter who may be 7 weeks away is also thriving for life.

I, once again, encourage everyone to keep both these families in your thoughts and prays for not one thought or pray is too many....


Thursday, December 10, 2009

this should be interesting...

so...I decided to jump on the bandwagon and create a lil blog to share information and pictures with everyone to make it a more personal experience unlike the one you get on Myspace and Facebook. I'm skeptical because of the internet being so public but Ill just limit my information to need to know and exciting things that our happening with our lil family.

Excited to start and cant wait to build my Blog Spot Empire.