Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the joy of life.

So these last few days I have been struggling again with my pregnancy..keeping food/water down and not constantly looking at the inside of a toilet all day. I keep telling myself only 7 more weeks...7 weeks and how I wish it could all be over with right now but then I hear and find these stories on the internet that make me want to hold on to Emery just a little longer so she can cook as long as possible.

My first story I came across was this amazing young woman who gave birth to twin girls at 27 weeks both weighing about a pound. http://stitchedattheinfirmary.blogspot.com/ is her website and I encourage everyone to read and follow her blog...its an amazing yet sad story but her strength alone in the blog is SUPER encouraging and I will follow until I know both of these beautiful bundles of joy are home.

My next story is the Duggar family who also delivered early, only at 25 weeks to a little girl. I look at my desk as I write this blog and know that this baby was only the size of the ruler sitting in front of me, if not smaller and just as skinny. I pray that medical technology has advanced so much that we know can care for these babies to where they will not only survive but make full recoveries. Yes, medical problems may arise from being born so soon but those problems are not a problem with just the sight of your child being alive.

These stories just make me 50 times more grateful that my beautiful son is healthy and smart and thriving at life and my daughter who may be 7 weeks away is also thriving for life.

I, once again, encourage everyone to keep both these families in your thoughts and prays for not one thought or pray is too many....


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