Monday, July 19, 2010


I just realized that I'm busier than I have time for. The events that are coming in the next month and a half are INSANE!..first I just got back from a somewhat relaxing 4 day stay in Huntington Beach...getting out of Vegas was the nice part. Next, on Wednesday I leave for a 5 day stay in Ely with my parents where I will be dropping Rowdy off for 10 days to spend with his grandparents, but before we leave Ely my little baby girl will be 6 months old!!!! not cool, Then we come home and I have to go to school for 5 days that he is gone and then...HE TURNS 3!!! This is not a fun moment for me...not at all!!! After this we have a 3rd birthday party, followed by Cole's birthday and birthday party and then PRESCHOOL, lastly, I start NURSING school. Is it December 15 yet? I need it to come ASAP!

Another exciting moment is:

I HAVE LOST 11.4 POUNDS IN THE LAST 12 DAYS!!! WOOOHOOO. Thanks to the WW system, I am on the track to losing my goal weight and being skinny like my high school days! Thank goodness! I have all of the point values on my phone and my WW dairy that keeps track and tells me when I can eat more points and how many I have left for the day. It really is amazing how much food I was eating when I wasnt even hungry. I now eat at least 1/2 of what I was eating...its insane, but exciting to be on the healthy path. Thanks Phoot! :)

sooo Ill be writing again and posting pictures of Rowdys birthday and I hope to be seeing some of you there that read this...


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  1. Congrats! on the weight loss, that is exciting! Also, WHY DO THEY GROW SO FAST?? Brianna will be 2 months on the 26th!?!?